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The Love of an Aunt

The Love of an Aunt

By MOHI on Sep 14, 2018 9:18:00 AM

This story begins with siblings Jennifer and Tazan living in a rural part of Kenya 8 hours drive from Nairobi. Their mother passed away and their father is in prison for life. Jennifer is eleven and in 2nd grade. Tazan is nine and is in 1st grade. Since their mother passed away a few years ago they have been living in that remote area with their alcoholic grandparents.  They rarely attended school and there wasn’t much hope for them.


Jennifer and Tazan's Aunt, also named Jennifer.


Their aunt lives in the Nairobi slum community called Kariobangi. She is a widow herself and has four children of her own. She earns a living by fetching water at construction sites.  This community is where MOHI has housed our Technical Training Institute for teaching job skills to MOHI parents and other adults. This week MOHI has opened a new primary school here. After her own daughter was recruited into the new school, Jennifer and Tazan’s aunt went “up country” to look for them. She knew that the MOHI school would be so much better for their future than the school they were attending.

After finally receiving birth date documents, she came to the new Kariobangi school this week just to make sure that they didn't miss this opportunity!  She said she will strive to ensure that the two siblings get a great education thanks to MOHI.

Little Jennifer and Tazan have begun school at MOHI this week! They will probably need some extra help from their MOHI teachers because they have gotten behind in school. They are very happy to get this opportunity and they are ready to begin a new life in Nairobi at their new school. Their aunt is now their guardian and is ready to work with MOHI to make sure they have everything they need.

This story perfectly illustrates the complicated realities for the people we serve in disadvantaged communities in Kenya. Please join us in thanking God for being able to provide this new school for the Kariobangi Community. Pray also for the growth and development of this school so that it can serve more and more kids like Jennifer and Tazan.

If you’d like to speak with us about partnering with this exciting new school in Kariobangi, please contact partnerships@mohiafrica.org.