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MOHI Changed My Life

By MOHI on Dec 13, 2023 1:16:51 PM

Caroline resides in a nearby neighborhood just over a hill from our Nyeri Center. She is a single mother of three children, two in kindergarten and one in 8th grade. Caroline used to work as a casual laborer, taking on odd jobs like laundry and selling groundnuts. Caroline had always harbored a strong desire to provide her children with an education, so she did everything in her capacity to make it happen. However, it was a struggle to make ends meet. 

One morning, as Caroline was at home preparing sweet potatoes to sell her two kindergarten children were sent back home due to lack of school fees. Deeply discouraged, Caroline dropped to her knees and prayed to God for help. Her prayers seemed to be answered, immediately after she finished. Her neighbor came looking for her to tell her about MOHI. MOHI had just arrived in the community and was enrolling children for Kindergarten. Without wasting any time, Caroline walked to the registration desk and registered her two kindergarten children. This was a tremendous relief for her, as hope had arrived in her time of need.

During the orientation process, MOHI conducted several meetings with parents and community members to discuss the various programs available for both students and community members. The parents were particularly excited about the feeding program at MOHI. Caroline was deeply moved and thought to herself that if she spoke up during the meeting, MOHI might listen. During one such meeting, summoning all her courage, Caroline stood up and thanked MOHI for the support her children would receive. She shared her difficulty in providing for her daughters and wondered if MOHI had opportunities for her to serve and earn a living.


Caroline stood up and thanked MOHI for the support her children would receive.

Her story resonated with everyone in the room. After the meeting, one of the directors at MOHI pulled her aside and asked her to write an application letter, assuring her that he would personally deliver it to the human resource office. Caroline was overjoyed. With no money in her pocket, she borrowed 10 cents from a friend to buy a piece of paper. She then sat down with one of the staff members at MOHI, and together they drafted the application. She prayed over it and handed it off. It wasn’t long before the HR department contacted her about her application. She was interviewed and soon offered a position as a janitor at the Nyeri Center.



I'm absolutely thrilled to be here!

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be here!" Caroline exclaims. "You know, my children and I used to sleep on the floor. But now, I've managed to buy two beds – one for me and one for my kids!" Her face beams with joy as she reflects on the challenges she faced before joining the MOHI team. She recalls the times when making ends meet seemed nearly impossible, and even had to hide from her landlord the months that she couldn’t make the rent for her one-roomed house, but now, she's in a position to pay for two rooms. Or, about how now she can afford to cook with gas while before she was using charcoal.

"The folks in our community often say I'm doing well, and they're right. I can afford to pay school commitment fees, and my children have never gone to bed hungry. Being a part of MOHI has truly transformed my life. I can't express enough gratitude to God for MOHI."