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Connecting Through Mentorship

Connecting Through Mentorship

By MOHI on May 4, 2017 6:50:00 AM

The second school term has begun! During the recent break, MOHI offered programs for personal and spiritual growth to high school students.

A two-day workshop at our Mathare North center brought together 150 former Mathare North students who are now in Grades 10-12 at different high schools throughout Kenya. Students participated in fellowship, worship, and challenging discussions about navigating life as a young adult. MOHI conducts this workshop each year during the April and August school breaks.

Isaac Nang’odia, center manager for Mathare North, is passionate about mentoring these older students and keeping them connected with each other, their community, and MOHI values as they transition to different schools and careers in the future. "We want to walk with them as they proceed in their education,” Isaac says. "Along with ensuring they receive a good education in the classroom, we want to know how they’re doing personally, how God is working in and through them, and how we can help them address the challenges of being a young adult from a different background than many of their peers.”

Additionally, Isaac says MOHI is creating a culture of mentorship, where high school students can mentor their peers and younger students coming up through MOHI schools. He wants to expand the workshops to include 8th-grade students to instill in them this culture of mentorship.

"We want them to recognize the difference that MOHI has made in them and continue being role models in their community, to their peers, and younger students,” he says.

He says it’s not only a way to build community among these kids, but also to encourage them to give back to the communities they came from. At this recent workshop, the students expressed a desire to do a community clean-up day during the upcoming August workshop. They also want to evangelize in the community.


MOHI Center Manager Timothy Okatta encourages students at the high school workshop.

Along with this workshop, MOHI has facilitated several orientations for 9th-grade students to teach them how to define their purpose and write personal and academic goals for high school. The intent is to help students start their secondary education with more focus. Approximately 300 students from different area high schools attended the most recent seminar in April.