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90% Pass Rate for High School Admission!

90% Pass Rate for High School Admission!

By MOHI on Jan 18, 2017 7:20:00 AM

As Missions of Hope International (MOHI) begins a new school year, we celebrate with our former 8th-grade students who passed their primary exam to join various high schools this term. We are thrilled to report that 90% of our students who took the exam last year earned sufficient scores to attend high school! Additionally, 67% of our students scored high marks (250 or above) to attend top-tier national high schools.

Each year in Kenya, all 8th-grade students must sit for a national exam to receive a certificate of completion for primary education. Scores on the exam determine whether students can attend high school and which school they may attend. If a student fails to achieve a specified minimum score (200 or above out of 500 total points), he or she is not eligible for admission to high school.

Sixteen-year-old Vincent Irungu (pictured above) scored the highest mark (401/ 500) out of all students from our Nairobi centers. With this score, Vincent was accepted into a top-tier high school, where he will work toward his dream of becoming a journalist. He attributes his exceptional performance to discipline and hard work throughout the year.

"I urge those I have left behind to work harder and outdo me,” Vincent said when asked what advice he would offer to younger students.

Students at two of our centers—Baba Dogo and Kiamaiko—completed the exam for the first time in 2016.  Of the 94 exam candidates from those centers, the average scores were 260 and above. Additionally, students from our partner schools in Turkana—Kangagetei and Napusimoru—earned an average score of 240.

We are encouraged by these impressive results. We are also pleased that each year, the number of students taking the primary exam continues to grow. This means that more children are receiving a basic education and opportunities to go even further to achieve their dreams.