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Towards Better Disease Diagnosis

Towards Better Disease Diagnosis

By Benard Osinde, MOHI Health Program Manager on Jul 29, 2021 5:00:00 PM

Health is one of the key pillars of Missions of Hope International (MOHI). Our services are both curative and preventive, aimed at restoring healthy bodies, minds and relationships. 

In order to provide effective curative services, proper disease diagnosis is essential and so far, we have relied on basic microscopy to do so. This has made it difficult for us to diagnose diseases affecting the performance of the liver, pancreas and kidney among MOHI kids, our staff and the larger community.

While proper curative care calls for biochemistry testing, the communities we serve simply cannot afford to have these tests done outside MOHI facilities. It has been our prayer and desire to offer this kind of testing in our facilities and our prayer has now been answered.


MOHI was recently blessed to be able to acquire a HumaStar 100 Biochemistry Analyser! Located in the MOHI Pangani clinic, this equipment will be used to conduct the following tests:

  1. Kidney function test

  2. Liver function test

  3. Cholesterol levels 

  4. Immunology for screening body allergies 

  5. Thyroid function tests

  6. Blood glucose tests like HB1Ac

  7. Cardiac Enzymes screens for heart attack or heart disease

  8. Bone profile screens calcium, magnesium and phosphorus levels

  9. Pancreatic profile for diseases of the pancreas like acute Pancreatitis 

  10. CRP levels which is a marker of inflammation in the body

The above tests will be available to children within MOHI schools, our staff working in MOHI centers and to all community members.


We will offer this service to the community at highly subsidized rates as we aim to reduce the cost of healthcare, minimize referrals and increase access to quality healthcare. This testing will also play a key role in the follow-up of individuals who have chronic illnesses like malnutrition, diabetes, hypertension, chronic allergies and heart diseases.

We are really grateful to God for our partners who lent their support towards the acquisition of this machine. It has really boosted our staff’s morale and we are excited to have access to this specialized testing.


It will make our work that much easier and enhance the quality of healthcare we are able to provide. All glory to God!