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MOHI Graduate Returns as a Social Worker

By MOHI on Mar 28, 2024 5:23:22 PM



Dennis was born and raised in the Mathare Valley, a slum community located in Nairobi, Kenya. Dennis joined a Missions of Hope International (MOHI) primary school in 2007 and later transitioned to high school, where MOHI supported him. Inspired by MOHI's compassionate social workers that served him as a student, Dennis pursued a career in social work.


We had loving social workers who would come and visit and pray with our families. That really built my love for social work.

Dennis Kamau Social Worker 004Dennis with students during morning devotion time

Today, as a MOHI graduate, Dennis works as a MOHI social worker in the same community he grew up in. His normal, daily responsibilities include morning devotions with the students and visiting families to check-in on their well-being. Dennis serves 186 families and supports 300 students.

Dennis Kamau Social Worker 002

Dennis connecting with families in the community

One day, while Dennis was in the community, he met a young girl named Jecinta. He asked Jecinta why she was not in school and Jecinta led Dennis to her mother. Jecinta's mother was suffering from an eye infection. Dennis was able to connect Jecinta's mother with MOHI's clinic and she was able to receive treatment. Dennis stayed connected with the family until Jecinta reached school-going age. He then helped her enroll in a MOHI school.


Seeing children like Jecinta getting a chance at education is the reason why I am motivated in my service as a social worker at MOHI.

Through his interaction with families, he's able to share the word of God, which helps restore hope. He also connects families to MOHI's economic empowerment programs, helping them to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

When you support MOHI by sponsoring a child, you're not only supporting a child in need, you're also helping to support your brothers and sisters in Christ - people like Dennis - who are working to share the love of Jesus and transform lives through the hope of Christ.

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child today to make an impact, not only for today, but for eternity.