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MOHI Clinic Receives Health Center Designation

MOHI Clinic Receives Health Center Designation

By MOHI on Sep 17, 2015 2:02:00 PM

Recently, the clinic at MOHI’s Joska center received approval from the Kenyan government to be registered as a community health center. The clinic, which opened in August 2013, has been providing minor out-patient services and basic medications to students and staff. With this new designation, the Joska Health Centre will be able to provide comprehensive primary care to the public, including in-patient and out-patient services and a full-service pharmacy.

"We serve a very vulnerable community in Machakos County,” said Kenneth Mugambi, head of health programs at MOHI. "Previously, the nearest health center was 47 kilometers [29 miles] away. MOHI’s Joska Health Centre is coming at the right time to bridge the gap between the public services already offered and the community MOHI serves. Parents often have difficulty assessing their children’s health when they get sick. MOHI can now provide affordable and accessible health care to them in their neighborhood.”

Mr. Mugambi indicated that though small now, he dreams of seeing the Joska Health Centre grow to include a maternity wing and an inpatient unit with at least 20 patient beds. Currently, a second floor is being added onto the center for this purpose. Additional funding must be secured to complete the construction.

In remarking about the newly-designated health center, Mary Kamau, MOHI’s Executive Director, said, "This is a dream come true for MOHI. We prayed for God to give us more and more resources so that we can reach out to more and more people. This health center will provide many people with access to quality healthcare. It also gives MOHI another outlet to teach prevention of diseases, promote good health, and teach the community how to live abundant lives in Christ Jesus. We are trusting God for the next phase of the health center as it grows and becomes a vital part of the community.”

MOHI’s Center Manager for Joska, Jane Ratemo, said, "This health center is a gift from God, to our school and the entire community.”

Students celebrate the health center launch.


Community members tour the health center.

Joska Health Centre also has a dental clinic.


Health Centre sign off the main road to town.