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31 Creative Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

31 Creative Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

By MOHI on Nov 14, 2019 5:00:00 PM

Headed overseas on a mission trip but struggling to raise the funds? Here’s a list of over 30 creative mission trip fundraising ideas to help your team raise the money you need—and have some fun along the way!

Colorful bake sale. Add a twist to a typical bake sale by baking everything in the colors of the flag for the country you’re visiting on your mission trip!

Themed trivia night. Sponsor a trivia night and have students invite their family members and friends. Add a twist and give the trivia night a theme like Disney or Bible characters.

T-shirt sales. Design a t-shirt for your trip and have students sell them to raise money and awareness. Some t-shirt companies even have special deals for fundraisers! Plus, your family and friends will have something special to remember the trip and its impact!

Online garage sale. Don’t go to the hassle of setting up a garage sale! Set up an event online and have your team members post items for sale.

Fun run 5k. Set up a 5k run but make it interesting with crazy obstacles or fun activities!

Partner with local businesses. Have your team members talk to local businesses and ask them to donate to your cause. Some restaurants will host special events and give your team part of the profit!

Cooking competition. A little competition never hurt anyone! Host your very own cooking competition! Have a few members of your mission team or church group enter a cooking competition and let others pay to watch!

Gift wrapping. If you’re raising funds during the holiday season, host an event to wrap gifts for a small cost! This is a great opportunity for busy individuals or families to support your team—and get their presents wrapped!

Charity concert. If you have musical talent on your mission team or a local band is available, schedule a concert with a portion of the profit going toward your trip.

Sunday morning donuts. Bring donuts on a Sunday morning and charge a dollar for a sugary treat. Don’t forget to set out a donation jar in case anyone is feeling extra sweet!

Loose change collection. Set aside a few Sundays and announce to your congregation that the mission team is collecting loose change. Set up areas to collect the change and have students go around before and after the service, asking for donations.

Ice cream social. Get a few gallons of ice cream and have your team members bring their favorite toppings! Charge a few dollars or ask for free-will donations for a delicious treat. 

Themed cookbook. Have your team submit recipes for a cookbook. These could be their favorite recipes or recipes from the country you’re visiting. Then ask for donations for a copy of your cookbook.

Chili cook-off. Everyone has their favorite family recipe for chili! Put them to the test and host a chili cookoff.

Rake leaves. If the leaves are falling, use it as an opportunity to serve your church members and raise some funds!

Dog walking. Give the pups of the church some exercise (and their owners a break) by offering to walk dogs for donations!

Social media challenge. Bring on the competition and have your team members conduct a social media challenge to see who can raise the most money!

Pick a number. Create a wall with numbers. Have people donate the amount of money for the number they chose! This is an easy way for a large number of people to get involved and donate smaller amounts.

Golf tournament. If you have family members and friends who love to golf, why not host a tournament? Work with your local golf course to find a date that works.

Used book sale. Ask people to donate the books they’ve read and no longer want! People can get rid of old books and others can find new favorites.

Singing telegrams. Rally the singers on your team and offer a singing telegram in exchange for donations. Who wouldn’t want to surprise someone at work with a group of singers?

Sell cinnamon rolls or cookie dough. Everyone loves baked goods! Sell homemade cinnamon rolls or cookie dough, delivered right to sponsors’ doors.

Talent show. Highlight the talent of your team! Host a talent show and let people show off their skills.

Host a workshop. Does someone on your team do photography? Or paint? Or play an instrument? Host a workshop and have them teach their skills to family, friends, or church members!

Silent auction. Have the members of your team work to collect donations from church members or local businesses for a silent auction. Add a twist and ban talking for the first half hour!

At-home car wash. Rather than having people come to you for a car wash, why not create a traveling car wash? Go to people’s houses and offer convenient car washes (or dog washes, if they need that instead!).

Pledge a mile. Count the number of miles to your destination and have family, friends, and church members donate funds to “purchase” a length of the trip.

Fettuccine feed. A cheap option to raise funds! Host a fettuccine (or spaghetti) feed after church with a free will donation.

Church game night. Bring some board games and pop some popcorn! This can be an inexpensive way to raise funds and bring your church family together for a fun night.

“Give it up” fundraiser. Have people “give something up” and donate the funds they would use for that. For example, encourage people to give up eating out or getting coffee for a week and give that amount to your trip!

Write fundraising letters. Work as a team to write a creative letter to church members, asking them to donate to your mission trip! Don’t forget to follow up with a thank you card. 

We’ve loved hearing how MOHI mission teams have raised support over the years. If you have any creative mission trip fundraising ideas to add to the list, let us know!