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Joska Student Earns Top Score on National Exam

Joska Student Earns Top Score on National Exam

By MOHI on Jan 23, 2015 9:27:00 AM

As another school year begins at Missions of Hope International (MOHI), we are celebrating with our students who just passed their national exams to be admitted to high school. MOHI students at our Joska and Ndovoini centers who sat for the exam achieved an overall passage rate of 80%, which far exceeds the national average for Kenya of only 37%!  An additional 44 students who didn’t pass the exam (based upon the requisite number of total points) still achieved sufficient scores to secure a place in high school.  Therefore, 94% of the MOHI students who sat for the exam can now attend high school!

One Joska student, Dorcas Wacuka, earned a high score of 420 points out of 500 total points.  Dorcas grew up in the Joska area with her mother, father and three siblings. She has only attended Joska for a few years.  Her youngest sibling is in second grade at Joska/Kausyani.  Because Dorcas achieved a top score on her exam, she plans to attend a prestigious girls high school in Nairobi. After high school, she aspires to attend university to study neurosurgery.
In celebrating the accomplishments of Dorcas and the many other MOHI students who passed their exams with high marks, Pastor Wallace Kamau said, "We praise God for all these children who will get an opportunity to advance in their lives!”

The achievements of Dorcas and her fellow classmates continue MOHI’s tradition of educational success.  Each year, MOHI students consistently pass their national exams at rates well above the national average and with high marks. To sponsor a child and help Missions of Hope continue providing a high-quality education to students like Dorcas, please click here.