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More Than 800 Students Prepare for National Exams

More Than 800 Students Prepare for National Exams

By MOHI on Sep 26, 2016 8:23:00 AM

In early November, approximately 823 primary and secondary students from 10 different MOHI centers will complete their national exams for admission to high school and university, respectively. The approximate breakdown of students by center is as follows:

Primary (approx. 603 total):

  • Pangani— 101 students
  • Bondeni— 61 students
  • Kosovo— 58 students
  • Mathare North— 30 students
  • Kiamaiko— 71 students
  • Baba Dogo— 27 students
  • Napusimoru (partner school in Turkana)— 15 students
  • Kangagetei (partner school in Turkana— 21 students)
  • Kausyani/Joska primary school— 123 students
  • Ndovoini primary school— 96 students

Secondary (approx. 223 total):

  • Joska girls high school— 61 students
  • Ndovoini boys high school— 60 students
  • Other local high schools— 102 students

Each year, all 8th and 12th-grade students in Kenya must take a national exam to receive a certificate of completion for primary or secondary education. The score a student achieves on the exam determines which high school or university he or she is eligible to attend. Last year, approximately 95% of MOHI students who took the primary exam achieved sufficient scores to attend high school. Additionally, 75 high school students achieved passing scores to attend college or university.

Please join our staff and parents of MOHI students in praying for these candidates as they study for and complete these significant exams.